December 19, 2022

Nepal is not only famous for its rich culture but also for its delicious variety of food. Along with the hills and mountains, there are various cultures making Nepal food an experience beyond just plain “Dal-Bhat”. The Nepali foods listed in this blog are popular among the people because of their different flavors.

List of Popular Nepalese Food

Dhal Bhat : A dish that is usually served with other choicest dishes of Nepal, Dal Bhat is yet another Indian dish, especially delicious in winter. Rice, dhal and vegetables are cooked together in this meal. The dishes are cooked together and served as a sitar. It is commonly cooked by Nepali cooks who are highly skilled in the art of cooking delicious food even at a minimal cost. You can eat this meal anytime any day of your visit to Nepal! .You can also order dal bhat via online food delivery and get it in your door steps.

Gundruk and dhido

specially talking about gundruk and dhido is known as national food of Nepal. Dhido and Gundruk are separate brands of food in the city. However, Nepali community has also delivered this dish across seven seas. Even Nepali restaurants abroad are proudly offering Dhido and Gundruk. Wherever there are Nepalis, They get cooked in their own stove. Moreover, they get a taste of their soil.

Sadeko sukuti :

If you’re fond of meat items, then this dish will definitely win your heart. Sadheko sukuti tastes great, but this tangy, spicy, and smoky meat dish takes your experience to a whole new level.The dried meat mixed with little spices and raw onions, chillis, and garlic is served as a starter or side dish in restaurants. It can be prepared in multiple ways.

It is served with beaten rice, pickles, freshly chopped carrots, radish, and cucumber. You can easily order food via online.

Selroti (The taste of nepal )

Sel roti (Nepali taste) is a traditional Nepalese ring-shaped sweet fried dough made from rice flour. It is mostly prepared during Dashain and Tihar, widely celebrated Hindu festivals in Nepal. Sel roti is a delicacy, made mainly for the great Nepali celebration of the Dashain and Tihar festivals. It is unique to Nepal and has become an iconic symbol of Nepali culture and festivities, and is made and served throughout the country during festivals as well as during wedding parties, and other ceremonies.


Nepal is a land of Himalayas, delicious cuisine and exotic cuisines from all around the world. Momo is undoubtedly one of the favorite cuisines of Nepalese. Kathmandu is flooded with momo hubs so it won’t be trouble finding a momo restaurant. The must-try dish when you are in Nepal is the mouthwatering dumplings of momo. It comes in various flavors and different sizes. Besides momo dumplings, its sauce (momo achaar) is the interesting part. Plunge into the richness of the momo sauce, which is made up of a generous amount of spices that enhance the taste of the momo

Thakali Khana

Thakali Khana is basically a set of Rice/dhido served with flavored lentils, stir-fried greens, gundruk ko achaar, multiple pickles, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries on a single platter. Adding some melted ghee over rice/dhido can elevate the taste. Though Thakali khana looks similar to Dal-Bhat, it differs in cooking methodology and ingredients.

Aalu Tama

Aalu tama is a traditional Newari dish that can be found in many homes in Kathmandu. It is a spicy and sour soup made with ground chicken and green peas. A mix of potato, bamboo shoot, and black-eyed beans is served as a side dish with rice, sel roti, or Newari khaja set.