Ghode Jatra: A Festival Celebrating Horsepower in Nepal

Nepal is a country rich in culture and tradition, with numerous festivals throughout the year. One such festival is Ghode Jatra, which literally translates to “Horse Racing Day”. This festival is celebrated in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, on the day of the dark moon in the Nepali month of Chaitra (March/April). Ghode Jatra […]

Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th, and in Nepal, it is no different. This day is dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world, as well as raising awareness about the issues they still face. In Nepal, Women’s Day is a time for reflection, […]

Holi | Fagu Purnima

Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the most significant and widely celebrated festivals in Nepal. It is a time for merriment, laughter, and joy, as people smear each other with vibrant colors and water. Holi in Nepal is a two-day festival that usually falls in the months of February or March, according to […]

Gyalpo Losar

Gyalpo Losar, also known as Tibetan New Year, is one of the most significant festivals celebrated by Tibetans all over the world. It is a time of joyous celebration, where families come together to honor their cultural heritage and share in the spirit of renewal and hope for the coming year. The word Losar translates […]

Shivaratri: Celebrating the Power and Blessings of Lord Shiva

Shivaratri, also known as the Night of Shiva, is an auspicious Hindu festival that celebrates the supreme power and blessings of Lord Shiva. Observed on the 14th night of the dark fortnight in the month of Phalguna or Magha, which typically falls in February or March, Shivaratri is one of the most important festivals in […]

Prajatantra Diwas: Celebrating the Spirit of Democracy in Nepal

Prajatantra Diwas, also known as Democracy Day, is a national holiday in Nepal that is celebrated every year on February 19. This day commemorates the end of the autocratic Rana regime in Nepal in 1951 and the establishment of democracy in the country. Prajatantra Diwas is a day to celebrate the spirit of democracy and […]

Maghe Sakranti

maghe sakranti

Maghe Sankranti is a traditional festival celebrated in Nepal and India, marking the beginning of the solar month of Magh. It is a time of new beginnings, a time to let go of the past and look forward to a bright future. The festival is celebrated on the first day of Magh, which usually falls […]

Saraswoti Puja

Saraswoti Puja is a Hindu festival that is celebrated in honor of the goddess Saraswoti, the goddess of knowledge, music, and arts. The festival is typically celebrated on the fifth day of the Hindu month of Magh, which falls in late January or early February. Saraswoti is considered to be the consort of Lord Brahma, […]

Prithvi Jayanti पृथ्वी जयन्ती

Prithvi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in Nepal to commemorate the birth anniversary of the great warrior and unifier, Prithvi Narayan Shah. Prithvi Narayan Shah, who ruled Nepal from 1742 to 1775 AD, is considered to be the father of modern Nepal. He is known for his role in unifying the different principalities of […]