Challenges for Delivery Heroes

Food delivery riders, also known as food couriers or delivery drivers, play a vital role in the food industry by facilitating the delivery of meals to customers who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes. In recent years, the popularity of food delivery apps has led to a significant increase in demand for these […]


Covid-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, has had a significant impact on the world since it was first identified in late 2019. The virus has caused widespread illness and death, and has disrupted many aspects of daily life, including work, education, and social gatherings. One aspect of the pandemic that has received a lot […]

Why restaurant associate with WL Food?

WL Food offer a number of benefits to restaurants, making it easier for them to reach new customers and expand their reach. Here are a few ways in we can help restaurants: 1. Increased visibility: Partnering with an online food delivery company can help restaurants get in front of a larger audience, as customers who […]

Motivate Customers to Order Food Online

4 ways to motivate customers Thanks to the digital transformation it has made everything possible online. From shopping to booking an appointment with the doctor, we prefer doing everything online. Online food delivery system is one such booming industry that is taking over the online business. Mainly in Nepal there are dozens of trustable and genuine […]