Motivate Customers to Order Food Online

December 16, 2022

4 ways to motivate customers

Thanks to the digital transformation it has made everything possible online. From shopping to booking an appointment with the doctor, we prefer doing everything online. Online food delivery system is one such booming industry that is taking over the online business. Mainly in Nepal there are dozens of trustable and genuine online food delivery services who have been working day in and day out to deliver faster and reliable food services to its consumers. One of the major challenges that any online food delivery service faces is winning the trust of its customers. There are still many people who are skeptical about ordering food online. 

So, as a business you must follow some strategy to win the trust of your customers and to reach out to you again and again.

1. Through proper advertising and monthly newsletter

If you are not updated, you are outdated.

This saying perfectly fits with any business that’s running online. If you aren’t creating a buzz around your business there’s no way your customer will remember you.

Lack of proper advertisement, fresh content, work updates how can you expect your conversion rate to go higher? 

In order to keep your customer intact with your business you must make your online presence strong. For that proper advertisement could be a better option.

Advertising through social media platforms such as FaceBook,Instagram,pinterest etc could be pretty handy and less painful to your pocket too. Besides that, running GoogleAds to reach a wider mass of audience is another better option to reach your target audience. 

Preparing a monthly newsletter and informing your customers about your monthly achievements and upcoming plans and services can be really helpful if you have a good collection of your users data.

2. Attractive Giveaways, discount offers and contest

Who doesn’t love gifts and offers? 

Occasional Giveaway offer campaigns in your social media will not only help you gain  more likes and followers in your social media but also help you with the better conversion result. 

Discount offers in different food services also will drive your customers to buy more from you. If you think that food giveaways can be a little more costlier to your business then you can simply collaborate with other relevant businesses and partner with them for such offers. It will help in double promotion.

3. Efficient and fast service

No matter how much you advertise for your business online or provide your customers with exciting giveaways and discount offers until and unless you are not providing better services to your customers they are not going to return back to take your service again. 

Service that you provide to your customer is the core of any business that you do. If you are providing a good and reliable service to your consumers your customers are going to retain. So before anything firstly focus on providing better service to your customers. Some of which includes:

  • Responding to the customers queries and orders as soon as possible.
  • Faster delivery system so that the customers shouldn’t wait for long.
  • Asking for review, online.
  • Systematic way of delivering goods and services to your customers.(For e.g. proper packaging, billing, brand focus)

4. Meet up with their expectation

As a customer point of view most of the customer doesn’t prefer to purchase goods and services online because they are not satisfied with those goods and services that are made available to them. 

As an online service business this is one of the biggest challenges to overcome,but it has a very simple solution i.e. be genuine with the service that you offer your customers. At the beginning it’s not at all about gaining profit but it’s all about winning the trust of your customers. 

So, try to provide authentic and original service and goods to your customers and rest will fall it’s way.