The Fiction of Newari Cuisines

December 6, 2022

It is said that Newari cuisine remains the best in Nepal. Newari food has a separate fan base in Nepal as the love for traditional Newari cuisine has been unmatchable for centuries. The best way to try Newari food in Kathmandu, Nepal is to savor different
Newari dishes at authentic places.

Famous Newari Cuisines


Yomari is a Newari Food that is both unique in structure and taste. It also has a unique recipe as it doesn’t contain various spices like any other Newari cuisine.It is made up of rice four. From rice flour, prepare a white dough. Hot water is added to prepare the dough otherwise the dough becomes hard.The soft dough is then covered with a cloth so that it doesn’t cool down immediately. A cup-like structure is made out of a scoop of dough. Then Chaku is filled into it as filler. Chaku is a brown paste that is sweet in taste. Coconut dust is also added to enhance the taste. Yomari is then prepared by steaming it for around 10 minutes.

Typically, people love it throughout the winter since it keeps their bodies warm. During the winter months of November and December, the Newar people celebrate Yomari Punhi. Many business people dress in Newari attire and sell yomari at Yomari Purne. Yomari and other Newari cuisine are both available at the enormous fair. Yomari eateries are typically located on several of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur’s busiest streets.

Sapu Mhicha

A flavorful meal called Sapu Mhicha is made from buffalo bone marrow. Its soft, juicy, and chewy texture will undoubtedly win you over. Its preparation is unique because bone marrow is inserted inside the buffalo leaf tripe. It appears to be a little bag that is thread-tied. It is first boiled before being deep-fried in hot oil until it darkens somewhat.
In the Newari culture, a special snack called sapu mhicha is made mostly for special occasions. To ensure that the bone marrow melts in your tongue, the eater should place the entire Sapu Mhicha in their mouth while holding the thread in their hand.


You can enjoy bara, a delectable Newari snack, at any time of the day. It resembles a round, beautiful pancake made of lentils. The process of preparing is a little challenging and drawn out.Lentil beans are given a full night to soak in water. The bean peels off after numerous washes the following day. Then a grinder is used to ground it into a thick paste. Salt and ginger can be added to taste. Put a spoonful of oil in the pan. Spread the paste in the skillet like a pancake using a scoop of it. To the bara, you can add an egg, meat, or vegetables according to your tastes. The bara is finished once both sides are cooked.


A dish similar to pizza but with very different flavors is called chatamari. It’s made from rice flour. Rice flour and water are combined to create a paste with a thick viscosity. Salt is included for flavor. For the embroidery, you can choose from a variety of toppings, including meat pieces, eggs, cheese, and veggies like mushrooms, paneer, maize, onions, and tomatoes. The healthful cuisine chatamari is occasionally favoured by dieters. Not every Newari restaurant serves it.


For meat lovers, Chhoyela, also known as Chhoila, is heaven on earth. The smell and sight alone are enough to get your mouth watering. Meat is smoked on a fire made from burning straw until it is cooked. It develops a smokey flavor and turns soft and chewy. It is divided into small pieces and combined with a blend of different spices and pure mustard oil. The flavor of the meat is significantly influenced by these spices and the texture of the meat. Therefore, even though it is easily accessible at adjacent restaurants, you should experience chhoila in an authentic Newari restaurant rather than eating it at any regular restaurant.